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March 2013
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Kim Hotchkiss
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Del Bey
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Marni Heck
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Ruth LeMay
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Important Dates:

March 5th -Viva City Fringe Festival Field Guitar Ensembles - 7:00 - Cedar Cultural Center

  • Tuesday, March 19 - Ice Cream Social - 6:30 Field commons: Bands & Orchestras solos & ensembles
  • Thursday, May 2 - Spring Concert - 6:30 Field commons, All Choirs
  • Thursday, May 23 - 6:30 South HIgh auditorium: All Bands & Strings 5-8
  • Friday, May 24 - Monday, May 27 -- Black Hills Choir Tour: Chorale & 7/8 Concert Choir
  • Thursday, May 30 - 6:30 Field Commons: Guitars & Rock Band

  • Band/Orchestra - Kim Hotchkiss
    music notes

    The 7 & 8 grade bands and orchestra had some awesome performances! The winter concert was successful and short.
    The Chamber Orchestra received superior ratings from the adjudicators at the String Festival and the Jazz Band received comments of "you sound like a high school jazz band" from clinicians at the Jazz Festival. Such talented children!

    Please remind your beginner or varsity band/string student to get their practice charts in.

    I am looking for people who can take over some of the Fran Bartley duties assisting me with concerts and Ice Cream Social. It is mostly evenings and only a few times a year. Please give Fran a call or email and find out the details. fbartley@earthlink.net or 612-822-3354. Thank you.

    Research has shown that children need a daily reminder to practice their instrument until the age of 16. It is important for the success of your child and each ensemble they participate in. Thank You for supporting your students in their practice!!

    Vocal/Rock Band/Guitar - Ruth LeMay

    PANCAKE BREAKFAST Thanks to everyone who performed and a great big shout out to those that worked! The profit was larger than ever before at $2400! On behalf of the students that will be able to make the trip because of your help and donations. THANK YOU! A couple families have offered to help out above and beyond the fundraisers we have had. Thank you so much and as soon as you are able to send your gift that would be wonderful. Students will be notified soon of the amount of money they are receiving.

    2nd SEMESTER PERFORMANCE/TOUR INFO March 5th -Viva City Fringe Festival Field Guitar Ensembles Concert Time: 7:00 Location: Cedar Cultural Center Mar. 18th Parent/Student Tour Meeting at 6:30 in Commons March 28 Final Tour Payment due May 2nd Spring Choir Concert 6:30 - ALL CHOIRS - 5/6 Concert Choir, 7/8 Concert Choir, Madrigals and Chorale May 13th Chaperone ONLY Meeting 6:30 in Choir Room TOUR May 24-27th May 24th - 7/8 Choirs - Concert at Crazy Horse Nat'l Monument May 25th - 7/8 Choirs - Concert at Mt. Rushmore May 27th Choir Tour Arrives Home May 30th ALL GUITARS Concert and Dance 5/6 Beginning, 5/6 Intermediate, 5/6 Rock Band, 7/8 Beginning, 7/8 Intermediate, 7/8 Rock Band

    BLACK HILLS CHOIR TOUR FINAL PAYMENT DUE MARCH 28th. Please make sure your final payment is paid BEFORE spring break, as I will be finalizing students attending as well as scholarships given and payments made in advance. Thank you. SCHOLARSHIPS are available to those students that have made the effort to work at our fundraisers and make some payments towards the trip. To clarify, students cannot receive a full scholarship. PARENT/STUDENT INFO NIGHT for Choir Tour is March 18th at 6:30 in the Field Commons - Q & A, paperwork, go through itinerary, meet Ms. LeMay and other chaperones. Parents please come and sit with your touring student. May 13th - Chaperone Meeting (Chaperones Only) 6:30 in Choir Room-required; job assignments, guidelines, bus sign-up and room sign up. Chaperones requesting a private room have an extra payment of $127. Please let me know if this is a need so I have enough rooms reserved.

    THE CHAIRS ARE COMING! We have reached our goal of 100 Wenger Student Posture Chairs. They should be ordered this coming week and arrive in time for our next performance (fingers crossed).

    AUDITIONS Auditions will begin soon to help the registration process run more smoothly. Madrigal auditions will take place on March 25th during the school day at Hale, with call backs following after school. Field Auditions for Madrigals and Chorale will be announced soon.

    WELCOME VISITORS Winnipeg, Manitoba will be Guest Performers with their High School Guitar Ensemble on May 9th

    As always, please know that I can be contacted via email at rlemay@mpls.k12.mn.us and my cell phone at 612-819-9144. Just for your information, my school voice mail is not the best method for a prompt reply.

    Art - Del Bey

    We will begin our clay unit soon.
    7/8 grade students will use slab construction to create mugs with a focus on relief detail. Other students will continue to work on our 2 point perspective unit and create drawings of their dream homes.

    5/6 grade students will create clay dragon flies with multiple wings and patterns. Students not working on clay will create 3D color wheels using cardboard shapes.

    Please visit our online art gallery at www.artsonia. com to see our latest work. 20% of purchases are returned to the art room for supplies.

    Art Heals!
    Del Bey

    Media/Technology - Sean Casey

    GRADES 5 AND 6

    Students in Grades 5 and 6 have now begun both our second and third "units" of the semester, which are centered around two very important 21st century skills: being able to search for, select, and read award-winning children's and young adult books, and being able to touch type.

    More information about some of the children's and young adult book awards that students will be learning about this semester can be found on the ALSC (Association for Library Service to Children)'s Book & Media Awards page, and more information about touch typing and the Typing Web online typing tutor (which is the program that we will be using this semester) can be found on the Typing Web Typing Tutor page.

    GRADES 7 AND 8

    Students in Grades 7 and 8 have now begun our third unit of the semester, which is centered around print media (specifically, magazines and newspapers).

    More information about magazines, newspapers, and the impact of print media on the lives of teens can be found on our Field Community School website at Unit 3: Magazines and Newspapers.


    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Media Center or the Media/Technology classes and curriculum here at Field Community School by emailing me at sean.casey@mpls.k12.mn.us.

    Thank you very much!

    Sean Casey

    Physical Education - Marni Heck

    Physical Education: Important updates;
    March 11-15...hand-in PALA homework assignment (12 points). April 1-5...Spring Break (exercise, stretch & nutrition) April 10th...Ping Pong unit (guest Mitch Seidenfeldt, Paralympics Gold Medalist)

    Simple exercises to perform at home BEFORE TV or Video Games:
    Talk to your child how to perform the exercises below:
    1. Run Stairs (5-10+) 2. Jump Rope (100-200) 3. Push-ups (10-15+) 4. Crunches or Bicycles (40+) 5. Toe Raisers (25+) 6. Kangaroo Jumps (10+) 7. Plank (30 + seconds) 8. Spider (30, 45, 60, 75, 90 seconds) 9. Towel (rolled) Grips (Holds for 5 seconds and release) 10. Chairs (5-10 seconds extra after fatigue)

    Most importantly, please email before 7:30 am if you need to report any absences, injuries, concerns or questions; marni.heck@mpls.k12.mn.us Thank you! I look forward to working with your child

    Spanish/French - Char Swanson

    French students will learn to ask about things in a classroom, use classroom expressions, describe their schedule, and express likes/dislikes about classes and teachers. Culturally speaking, they will explore the main regions of France through video clips and powerpoint presentations, and finish the "Miserables" movie.

    Spanish students will learn to express and ask their ages and birthday dates. They will also have their second main "Speaking Assessment" through a short dialog that will memorized and acted out with a partner, to reflect what they have learned since September (name, feelings, introductions, age and where they are from). Culturally speaking, they will explore the Northern and Southern parts of Spain (Espana).


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