About Mr. Husby
Portrait by a talented former student
I have taught middle school science in Minneapolis since 1991.  I was pleased to join the Field staff in 2008.

Before teaching, I worked in a biochemistry research lab at the VA Medical Center and as a naturalist at the Mt. Olivet Retreat Center.  

For many years I helped run a Scout
troop.  I taught swimming, lifesaving, and natural history at summer camps.  

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy music, traveling, reading, and a little yard work.  I play the guitar in a couple of different bands, and perform in a local theater company.
Jamaican students
I live near Lake Nokomis, so you may see me walking or biking around the neighborhood.  Please wave hello! 

I am a graduate of Washburn High School, and have degrees/licenses from St. Olaf College,  University of St. Thomas, Hamline University, and the U of M.