Executive Committe

Executive Board The Field P.T.A Executive Board is an elected body of parents that coordinate the P.T.A. functions.  It includes a Chair or Co-Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer and Communications.  The Boards recruits membership in the P.T.A., oversees various committees and fundraising in an official capacity, makes decisions about dispursement of P.T.A funds, responds to teacher and staff requests for P.T.A. assistance and communicates P.T.A. actions to the Hale Community.  These responsibilities are divided among the Board members.

Erin Mitchell (Co-Chair) erin.mitchell1320@gmail.com 
Greta Wicker (Co-Chair) ggarbog@gmail.com 
Jeanelle Rasmussen-Jones (Co-Secretary) jjunebug10@gmail.com 
Wendy Naughton (Co-Secretary) wenerv@gmail.com 
Jessica Burmaster (Communications) rjburmaster@gmail.com 
Angie Helland (Treasurer) angiehelland@gmail.com 
Trisha Hanson (Membership) trisha.a.hanson@gmail.com