Welcome to my web page. I want this page to be a place where students, parents and others can find the information they need.  

Afghan Women

Stories on Afghan women

Bread Winner 2016

Web Quest 2016

Scolastic Root Game

Click here for game. :)

Quia Greek/Latin Root

Game link here

Prefix Games

click here for a series of games to help with your prefix learning. :)

Nothing But The Truth 2

Follow the links below for more info on the Star Spangled Banner. 

Nothing But The Truth by Avi

Find the links you need.

Class RULE!

My classroom runs with one simple rule, I will respect myself and others.  In the comming weeks the students and I will learn what that rule means, what it looks like and how it applies to each of us.  If you click on the heading, Class RULE! you can see what types of ideas last years students had.