Quick Reference for Parents

Student Arrival - Students may enter the building at 7:50 a.m.   First hour starts promptly at 8:05 a.m.

Weather Related School Closings

Visit the WCCO website or tune into WCCO on the radio (830 on your AM dial) to find out if there are school delays or closings for the day.

Bus Passes  
Arrangements should be made prior to the day of the event. Students will need a written note from a parent giving permission to go home with another student. The note should be dropped off in the Office before first hour begins.   

Bus passes will not be given out to students trying to make plans that day. They should ride the bus home and have their parent give them a ride to their friend's home.  

Dropping off Items for your Student - Please ask your student to stop in the Office during their lunch time or inbetween classes to pick up items you are delivering to them. Have your student's name and grade written on the item so if we need to call him/her down we know who the item belongs to.

Your student should be out on their pick up spot at least 5 minutes before the scheduled arrival time of their bus. Questions about where a bus is will be answered by calling Transportation at 612.668.2300. If you need to change your address or bus stop, please call Mary Beth Good at 612.668.3664.

District Calendars - 

Click on VIEW FULL CALENDAR from Field's home page to find other district calendar pages: one page full year calendar; testing calendar; special days calendar; MPS Board of Education or click here:


PDF Family Activity Request Form   --  Please fill out for a family vacation or other times your student needs to miss school for a family event.