We are happy to have you join us as a member of the Field School Music Program. Almost 3/4 of our school body participates in band, orchestra, guitar, and choir. Welcome aboard. We hope this handbook will clarify our program, answer common questions and help you understand the expectationsfor you and your child.

Program Goals

  1. FUN!  Music needs to be fun for everyone. Students experience community building, friendship and achieve personal excellence as they give their best over a long period of time.
  2. QUALITY! The quality of work that our students create demonstrates each person’s ability to develop to their fullest potential. The artistic results of our young musicians delights the listeners year after year.
  3. MUSICIANSHIP! Each student increases his/her technical skill and emotive artistry as they grow and mature throughout adolescence.
  4. SELF-DISCIPLINE/SELF-ESTEEM! Students that experience positive community, friendship, and successful performance grow exponentially in their self-confidence to become their own person.