Field Fundraiser

Early Donations:


For each donation made between now and November 14, Field PTA's name is put in a drawing for extra prizes that can be won.  You can make a small donation now and another one during our November 14, 10:00 a.m. Power Hour.

Power Hour:

Our chances of winning some of the bigger prizes on November 14 is with a lot of people donating during the power hour.

Monthly Donations:

If you would like to make monthly donations, please go to Field's website to find the link.  All donations through GiveMN are tax deductible.

Lights! Camera! Action! Give! No Sale Fundraiser

Roll out the Red Carpet by supporting our Minneapolis Hale & Field students!

Hale Elementary & Field Community School in Minneapolis have been K-8 Partners since 1971. Both the Hale PTA and the Field PTA are extremely active and proud of the community we help foster.  Partners include school principals, teachers, parents of Hale School students (K-4) and Field School students (5-8), and our community, many of whom give their time and energy to help with PTA events, classroom activities, volunteering, field trips, and more.

The PTA's purpose is to support the school, to establish communication and cooperation in the school community, to be an advocate of the school to the public, to encourage parent and community involvement with the school, to provide social activities and cross cultural enrichment activities. Last but not least, the Hale PTA and Field PTA raises money for the benefit of our schools --  which helps cover the cost of art and technology to create the best learning experience for our kids.

Some specific Field Middle School funding examples include the documentary "Angst: Raising Awareness around Anxiety" partnering with Hale School & Washburn High School. Donations have also covered ~$5000 for field trip buses, ~$3000 for Music/Band Instruments and Racks and ~$4000 for Project Success, whose mission is to motivate and inspire young people to dream about the future, helps them take steps to get there and gives them the tools they need to achieve their goals.  

Our community makes us great!



Thank you for your continued support of Hale and Field's students.