PTA Minutes November 2019


Meeting Minutes 11/4/19


Members present:  Erin Mitchell, Jessica Burmaster, Wendy Naughton, Jeanelle Rasmussen-Jones, Angie Helland


Old Business

  • Savings investment update –
    • The investment for Jones Financial would be small for them – look into meeting with Wells Fargo to see what products they offer (Wings Credit Union has better interest rates, but we found out they no longer open non-profit type accounts.
  • Turf funding next steps (Initial quote from Diana Grundeen w/Trio Landscapting = $97,400
    • Connect with MPS w/VaNita’s help to make them aware; see of funding options available
    • Go back to Drew and Student Council to obtain 2 additional quotes
    • Create marketing plan for fundraising?
      • Could we partner with any other community soccer clubs etc. who also use these fields? 
  • Open Volunteer Chair positions
  • Music event liaison – someone has volunteered to do this



  • Financial Update
    • Expenditures
    • Rock the Parkway
      •  One of the last Great Gatherings to occur
      • Once last GG is complete, will cut a check for half of funds payable to Hale
    • Savings
      • Transferred $200 to savings
    • Box Tops (Going digital only)
      • Earned $280
      • Successfully set up the Field account online
      • Should keep our box top contact while the physical clippings are phased out
    • Grade-level stipends
      • Vicky purchases a lot of the teacher stipend supply requests usually via Amazon
      • Is there a reason we cannot create a PTA Amazon account so we could purchase them or the teachers could directly?
      • Angie will check into creating a PTA Amazon account to link to the PTA credit card
      • Teachers are questing donated items (e.g. playdough).  Why aren’t they using their stipend funds for this?  Erin will follow up with the specific teacher who had requested items-Mrs. W-6th Grade. 
    • Yearbook
      • We are switching vendors from Josten’s to LifeTouch-will have a $1k credit with Josten’s but we can cash that out

Erin (also included Rachel’s items)

  • Vaping Parent forum
    • Held on October 24th 6:30-8:00 at Field
      • Only 8 parents showed up
      • Hale PTA did call out the Washburn event, they didn’t get the Field deteails into their newsletter
      • Next steps-get an assembly planned for kids?
      • We don’t know of many/any reports of vaping at Field but still important to talk about
      • Send survey to students on what they know about it?
      • It’s concerning because many vaping instruments look like other items (pens, etc.) so it’s hard for teachers to know if it’s even happening
  • Expanded Sex Education offering at Field
    • VaNita and Sonny reached out to Lutheran Services to expand Sex Ed to cover 5th grade and hopefully add programming for 6th grade.
      • They agreed to it and are working on sample lessons for adding in 2nd semester
  • Hale PTA Debrief
    • They are very much open to communicating Field events
  • Flu shot clinic-went very well had 189 vaccines
  • Community Ed Meetings at Field
    • Erin has a contact who could teach an Origami class
      • 4-6 weeks/$20 per class, weekly on Wednesdays 2:45-3:40
      • Geared towards 5th/6th Graders
      • If offered a classroom w/project could accommodate 25 kids; if smaller room then 15 kids
      • Offered in winter session/semester
    • Other ideas – Erin will take the lead on after-school programming go forward
      • Physical activity in gym?  (Need to coordinate with Mpls Kids)
      • Baby-sitting class
      • Staying home alone class
      • Could partner with Project Success help to offer a theater type class?
    • Site Council Meetings
      • Next meeting November 13th 4-5:30

Secretary’s Report

  • Next Meeting:    December 9th  6 p.m. @ Caribou