PTA Minutes - August 2020


August 10th, 2020



  • Erin Mitchell, Co-Chair
  • Greta Wicker, Co-Chair
  • Jessica Burmaster, Communications
  • Wendy Naughton, Co-Secretary
  • Jeanelle Rasmussen-Jones, Co-Secretary
  • Trisha Hanson, Membership
  • Angie Helland, Treasurer




  • Budget
    • Maybe individual grades would be interested in support for certain online programs or platforms.
    • Wendy (secretary, no on bank account) will reconcile statements from summer.  Angie will send her the statements for reconciliation.
    • We are interested in helping pay for books, art kits, etc. or postage to get specific items to each student.

  • Hale/Field PTA Merge? 2021-2021
    • Lisa and Megan (co-chairs at Hale) are interested in collaborating and supporting through upcoming transitions.
    • Hale and Field will partner on Spirit Wear (same vendor).

Other items

  • There are plans to spread mulch on the Field’s ground.  Perhaps this could be community service for Student Council, or sports teams, or open generally to students at Field.  Or incorporated into science courses, etc.