PTA Minutes - December 2019

Meeting Minutes 12/9/19


Members present:  Rachel Walker, Erin Mitchell, Jessica Burmaster, Wendy Naughton, Jeanelle Rasmussen-Jones, Angie Helland, Trisha Hanson



  • Financials Update
    • All summer soiree funds have been finalized-cut a check to Hale for $578
  • Continue to remind teachers to use their stipends and not ask families for funds
  • Need to add line item for purchase of hot chocolate and other snacks for the Patrol Kids for next years’ budget-took this from ‘general funds’
  • PTA Request of Funds / Vote
  • American Indian Drum and Dancers = $700
    • We haven’t authorized this expenditure yet last year, we told the school administration that we’d only pay again as long as there was equal events for other groups (African Americans, Asian Pacific, etc.)
    • We propose to hold funds for this until VaNita presents proposal to ensure all groups are included
  • Request from Lorna Alexender for t-shirts for Girls Positivity class-$427.05
  • We are unsure as to what this course entails-coordinated through Lorna and not community ed
  • Before we approve, talk to Lorna a bit more about what this class is
  • After we get more information, then do e-mail vote?
  • Savings Investment update-were going to meet with Wells Fargo-further updates next month
  • Amazon  - have Vicky create a ‘wish list’; then she can notify PTA for further purchasing 



  • Community ed planning update
    • Per Helene G., any classes held will need someone from Community Ed present in case of injury; as well as another adult
    • Karen Cline sent request to Red Cross for the baby-sitting class
    • Rachel will follow up with Patrice with MPS Community Ed again and f/u with VaNita about how to get more ALC type classes at Field
  • January / February event prep
  • There is an African American Parent Involvement event planned for Feb. 10th
  • No-parent roller skating party held last year-follow up with Marcia Alexander on this even to see if she’s still coordinating.
  • Reach out to parents to get some ideas
  • Will be in a weeknight evening-date TBD
  • Include the 6th grade Project Success event in the newsletter
  • Winter/spring parent forum ideas
  • Field PTA contribution?  Would we be willing to put10-20k toward it
  • Any contractors have to be on the MPS approved ‘Teamster’ list-direct Drew and Jake to find out who is on the list
  • Find out who installed it at Washburn and South
  • Enlist Mr. Forward to ensure he’s fully looped on the latest
  • Ask Drew and Jake to come to our Jan or Feb PTA meeting to talk through above and next steps and ensure they understand this a long-term project (i.e. not this or next year.)
  • Winter/spring parent workshop with Project Success
  • Report/update from Site Council-meeting on 12.11-Erin will attend
  • Playground area turf replacement next steps, if any (Angie/Rachel)


  • Field PTA communication- what info should we promote/communicate to parents.
    • If the PTA is getting lots of questions on items, can we refer parents back to VaNita? 
    • Reach out and clarify with the  Hale PTA as to what to share of Field’s events (they needn’t share events that we don’t advertise in our newsletters (e.g.  band concerts-let the Specialist newsletter handle that.)  We will let them know instead of them guessing as to what to include



  • No-sale Fundraiser totals
    • Totals are a bit higher as more funds come in:
      • Additional $2770 in checks
      • Makes new total to Field around $17,985-Jessica will include this new total in the January 6th newsletter
    • Having the 2 split EIN’s for each school was great-we already have funds in the accounts
    • Ideas for next year:
    • Do “fund-a-need” via GiveMN process (i.e. the Spring American Heart Association event through phy ed etc. 
    • Erin to present these ideas to Site Council
    • Could we add a separate tab or area on GiveMN for the PTA membership fees to collect them that way?
    • Add a way for corporations to ‘match’?  (Benevita platform?)
    • Ensure we keep social  media  updates a bit more ahead of time next year


Secretary’s Report

Next Meeting:   January 13 @ 6 p.m.