PTA Minutes - June 2020

Meeting Minutes 6/1/2020


Members present:  Erin Mitchell, Rachel Walker, Jessica Burmaster, Wendy Naughton, Jeanelle Rasmussen-Jones, Trisha Hanson, Greta Wicker



  • Financial update
    • May not need to use any of the Josten’s money for this year’s yearbooks – yearbooks are ready but Carey Olson Percy is figuring out best way to distribute to everyone.  Rachel will touch base with Carey
    • Carry-over purchases for next year
      • New water fountain
      • Project Success funding
      • Could we use extra stipends not spent this year to purchase binders for incoming 5th Graders (and all other school supplies?)



  • PTA Co-Chairs
    • Greta Wicker voted in as new co-chair for 2020-2021 school year – Welcome Greta!
    • Thank you Rachel for all of your leadership and contributions these last 2 years!
  • Erin working on Welcome Letter for the fall – will have to Vicky by mid-to late June
  • PTA meeting occurrences next year-2nd Monday of the month @ 6:30
  • Assist families in need after protests/riots
    • Julie, social worker at Hale, sent out a communication of organizations that people can contribute to
  • Give to the Max @ Field
  • A vote was held on whether to hold Give to the Max Day for Field next year.  The final vote was unanimous agreement (yea’s) that we will not be holding Give to Max Day for Field next year, in light of CDD
    • Action item:  Trisha reached out to Hale PTA chairs Hale-there has been no communication back from Hale-Will touch base in the fall
  • PTA positions for next year & board and committees – try to meet towards end of July to talk about the approach for Hale/Field chairs of events going forward
    • will advertise the need in the fall and will focus on the “legacy” class and appealing that it will the “the last” of each event
      • Future Communication Chair-split into 2 positions:  Social Media/Web & Newsletters
      • Pancake breakfast chair
      • Roller skating party chair
      • Book Fair chair(s)
      • Teacher appreciation events
  • Future of Hale / Field PTAs



  • Teacher appreciation events
    • End of year gifts to all teachers / staff at Field
    • Greta was reaching out to Sonny to get rough estimate on how many staff to purchase the gift cards
    • Retirements/farewells
      • Purchase plants and toy mice for those departing-Rachel picked up plants
      • Purchase large quantity of stuffed mice with ‘Field’ emblazoned t-shirt for use next year


Secretary’s Report

Next Meeting:  August 10th at 6:30