PTA Minutes - September 2019


Meeting Minutes 9/19/19


Members present:  Rachel Walker, Erin Mitchell, Jessica Burmaster, Wendy Naughton, Jeanelle Rasmussen-Jones, Angie Helland


Guests:  Greta Wicker


New PTA membership Hub / Membership toolkit

  • At last meeting, everything was ready to go to begin entering membership information
  • Rachel will check in w/Trisha on how this is going


Field Teach stipend fund for volunteering at events

  • We’d like to get teachers from both schools out to each of the school events earlier in the year to volunteer
  • Teachers at Hale are provided around $50 stipend each year for volunteering at such events
  • Question posed as to whether we can provide teachers with gift cards as a ‘thank you’
    • Angie checked and advised we stay away from that and give Field promotional gear instead (i.e. coffee mug, shirts.)



  • Preview October events
    • Flu Shot clinic – can we advertise this w/Hale too?  It’s a shared event
    • Dine out night in Sept-Low Brow
      • We made over $600 in last year’s dine out nights
    • Conferences
      • Greta will coordinate the teacher meal for conference time
    • Box tops due @ month end
      • This is the last ‘paper form’ submission
      • Will be online going forward-based upon the store receipt
      • Made $611 last year in box tops
      • Concern that the amount might go down if you can allocate only one school and/or people might not go to the effort to submit
      • Can we publish a ‘how to’ guide for parents to refer to?
  • Parent forum – Rachel reached out to contact at the MN Health Dept on a forum on Vaping.  She will f/u with Rachel on prospective dates this fall/winter to hold a forum for kids w/parents.
  • Workshop with Project Success
    • Rachel reached out to the Field Project Success coordinator, Kyle, to hold an additional informational session at school
    • Rachel will f/u with Kyle on verbiage that can be included in upcoming newsletters
  • Audit panel recruitment
    • A non ‘Treasury’ PTA rep should head it – Rachel volunteered
    • 2nd volunteer is Quinneka Lee
    • Will coordinate with Angie to review the financials
  • Site council meetings
    • Rachel will meet w/VaNita to get the dates-newsletter sent 9/11/19
    • Erin and Rachel will tagteam and try to make all meetings-anyone from PTA is welcome to attend though
  • Meeting with Hale PTA-see bullet point below



  • Partnering with Hale PTA 
    • Investigate the Hale PTA Communications policy to ensure that Field events can be advertised w/Hale PTA and vice versa. 
    • Erin obtained the deadline for advertising in the Hale PTA newsletter to better coordinate advertising efforts between the two schools
    • Next Hale PTA meeting is October 10th-MN PTA will also be there
    • Better coordinate communications so that families with both Hale and Field students don’t get double-communications (we already do this for No Sale Fundraiser)
  • Equity Committee meeting w/Hale-Brooke Darst Rice along with Andrew Williams serve on that committee
    • Try to engage more of this w/Field
    • They have their own newsletter-investigate how we could partner w/them more
    • Next meeting is 9/15
  • After school Activities for Field Students
    • Carrie was the coordinator for both schools last year; not sure about this year
    • Not much was offered last year; most were cancelled due to lack of interest/enrollment
    • Rachel did a FB poll to see what families would be interested in.  There is interest for the baby-sitting class, cooking class, First Aid
    • Justice Page has a pretty robust and successful after school comm ed program-could we partner w/them?
    • Have field Student Council send out a survey to see what kids would want?
    • Can PTA sponsor the baby-sitting class?  Contact the Red Cross to find out more



  • Financial Update
    • Expenditures
      • Paid $150 for insurance-had a rider added to the policy for the concert at Parkway.  Concert will be held on Nov. 10th from 3:30-5:30.  Jones Financial is sponsoring so it will be pure profit for school.  IF the concerts sell out (360 tickets), could make $6400 total, split between both schools.
      • Paid $991 for guitar / ukulele storage
      • Purchased the credit card processer for $50-motion approved by Rachel and Erin
      • Transferred $200 to savings
      • Paid $40 for quickbooks
  • Savings Investment Update
    • Since we have over $35k in savings, Angie proposed investing half of that money
    • She has a financial advisor who can assist with some short-term investments.  Angie, Rachel, and Erin will hold separate meeting to coordinate that.
  • New Turf Investment
    • Angie hasn’t heard much from Student Council yet this year-their first meeting is at the end of September 11, 2019
    • Encourage them to investigate grant programs that could possibly help; though if we go the grant route, it will take longer for the money to come through (5+ years)
    • Greta will talk with Ms. Bruin on options for Mpls Park Board grants


Secretary’s Report

  • Jeanelle will send the August and September meeting minutes via e-mail to members for further approval; upon approval, Wendy will post the minutes to the website.
  • Next Meeting:        October 7th, 6 p.m