PTA Minutes - September 2020


September 14th,  2020



  • Erin Mitchell, Co-Chair
  • Greta Wicker, Co-Chair
  • Jessica Burmaster, Communications
  • Wendy Naughton, Co-Secretary
  • Jeanelle Rasmussen-Jones, Co-Secretary
  • Trisha Hanson, Membership
  • Angie Helland, Treasurer





  • Finance update
    • Only income is Amazon Smile proceeds-around $700
    • Hale PTA has asked us to share our budget w/them.  We can come up with a ‘faux’ budget to provide them that has everything that budgets for grades 3-5; this can help provide them an estimate on what a ‘split’ budget would look like.  Greta and Erin to discuss w/Hale PTA on 9/17
    • Angie found the form on the MN Sec of State website to dissolve/transfer PTA’s if/when it comes to that for next year.  Absolute deadline to file it would be the end of the fiscal year (end of June), but we should probably start working in the April timeframe.  Angie thinks it’s 30-day turnaround.
    • Other use of funds
      • Survey parents to get opinions on where they want $ to go?
      • Give donation to other schools where Field students will be going as result of CDD (JP, Sanford, etc.)
      • Provide extra funding for teachers for supplies they’ll need in order to more successfully teach from homes (most Field teachers can’t teach from their classrooms since Mpls Kids is using the building.)




  • Erin/Greta meet w/Mariam Graff to see if there is anything we can do for distancing event that is off school campus?  (we can’t hold there.)  maybe a spring event sponsored by PTA at McRae? 
  • Another event where we give the kids some sort of freebie? 
  • Hale/Field partnership
  • Erin and Greta meeting w/them monthly next meeting 9/17
  • Samantha Mendiola has volunteered to take out the middle man and offered to design Hale SW and extended same offer for Field; she is designing the website and printing at ‘Afternoon Printing’
    • Can we send new design ideas to her taking into account this unique year?  Possible ideas ‘Field’ Mask, “I survived Field DL 2020” – keep designs simple
    • Can we order t-shirts as freebies for all grades and integrate into a DL event in the spring?? 
  • Spirit wear


  • Update Calendar
    • Fall Barnes and Noble Book Fair/Band concert – Greta to talk to B & N to see if we should still have this and/or what it could look like.  Additionally, instead of or in addition to this, could we do a ‘community building’ type event where we partner with local bookstores (Black Garnet,,  and Irreverent Bookworm); where our goal is to have our families support these businesses.  We would not take any profits but more about getting community together.  Could we do delivery to another location outside where we have bonfires/smores kits and have people pick up orders from there??  It can’t be at school though.  Greta will get in touch with both stores to gauge interest. 
    • Picture day / Year book– picture day currently on hold/TBD w/Lifetouch.  Vicki has been in touch but they are focusing now on the schools who are all or part in person.  They will circle back w/Vicki.  But for alternate picture day ideas – could we do virtual one where students send in their own (which could also be used for Yearbooks?)  Could advisory teachers take them during classes too? 
    • Curriculum night(s)-Greta will ask VaNita, Vicki and Mark Stauduhar (AP) about this
    • Fall Conferences / staff appreciation – talk to VaNita and Mark Stauduhar (AP) about
    • Holiday Helpers – Lindsay Daughtry who has run it at Hale, asked if Field has PayPal account so if people wanted to give money towards gifts instead of shopping.  We do now, right thanks to Angie??  😊  Jessica will check on how we handled last year-how did families self-identify a need?  Check with Mariam Graff too.  Need to add a buffer week between gift drop off (if we do that ) and distribution to give time for additional shopping to be done to fulfill needs
    • Student  Council – who is running this year?  Check w/VaNita?  Could they do curbside popcorn order pick up?  Won’t be many other activities including dances
  • Review/Update Standing Rules- done in 2018
  • Action item – everyone please read the attached and provide any updates or feedback by next monthly meeting
  • This primarily goes through Vicky (did I miss something w/this conversation topic?)
  • Could we do a mural installation at the school?  Or do one where students tie ribbon on the fence to make a rainbow?  Who to spearhead? 
  • Chat with Brooke Darst-Rice and Shilad Sen as to how they want to advertise the WE Committee events
  • Process for teacher request for stipend use (talk about before Angie leaves for other meeting)
  • Talk to VaNita about
  • School choice card being sent in October
  • Equity / Community building at Field
  • Project Success – a “go” this year to virtually meet with 6th-8th grades during ELA
  • Heritage month celebrations
  • CDD