PTA Minutes - August 2019

Field PTA

Present: Rachel Walker, Angie Helland, Wendy Naughton, Jessica Burmaster, Erin Mitchell, Trisha Hanson

-Finances from last year. Angie brought summary of June and July.  There were MANY.  Rachel will scan over, sign, and bring to next meeting.  Rachel is going to approach Vickie about purchases... maybe some things can be purchased directly by PTA instead of going through Vickie. 

-To encourage grades to spend as a team, send them monthly balance updates.

-Plan for $42000 for next year.  It’s okay to report a profit.

-PTA has taken over finances for Pancake Breakfast, but the money is all Chase’s.

-Science Bowl = who is in charge.  Get in touch with them about their money (last year they may have been funded by the Foundation).

-Rachel will check with Vanita about teacher lead for student council – to get better communication and get them to spend their money.  Put a corner in the newsletter?

-Get teacher appreciation breakfast catered by Kowalskis for Field Staff in August.  Greta communicating with Vanita.

-Think about speaker and discuss at September meeting.  Vaping workshop?  Parent forums? Ideas?

-Now audit every year.  Used to be every three years.  Audit could cost $10,000.  We could ask for volunteers to be on an audit committee?  Two to three people.  Maybe we could partner with Hale?  What about state PTA?

-Sonny Is she coming back?  What is the status of the Assistant Principal?

-Rachel will check with Vanita about current situation.(5th grade) .  PTA table.
Thursday the 29th. 6th through 8th. 5pm.

Membership National wants us to switch to electronic system.  We will stick with current system.  Everything is set up for this year.  We can reassess in December.

Partnering with Hale PTA  Rachel and Erin could meet with Hale PTA to talk about joint meetings; partnering.  This was done in the past but something happened along the way.  Jessica is happy to meet with Hale Communications people.  Best practices to streamline when it makes sense.

Turf on field at Field Student council trying to get funding for turf.  Ask them to get an actual quote for installation.  They are looking for grants through the district.  Is Mr. Forward the faculty contact for student council?

Open Spots
Music events.
Get equity going at Field? Partner with Hale Welcoming/Equity Committee?  Andrew Williams is chair at Hale.