PTA Newsletter - October 2019


Meeting Minutes 10/7/19


Members present:  Rachel Walker, Erin Mitchell, Jessica Burmaster, Wendy Naughton, Jeanelle Rasmussen-Jones, Angie Helland, Trisha Hanson

Old Business

  • Savings investment update –
    • The investment for Jones Financial would be small for them – look into meeting with Wells Fargo to see what products they offer


  • Financial Update
    • Expenditures
      • $320 to Hale PTA ($225 for directory fee; $90 for Tangletown Gardens CSA fee)
      • $142 for Field fall pots
        • Have only $82 left in landscaping budget so we will be over; group approved this expenditure
        • Will finance pots for Christmas pots
        • Spring pots are from plant sale leftovers
      • $178 for Field art supplies
      • $4k for Project Success funding
      • $40 for Quick Books fee
      • 1 outstanding check to Matthew H. from Summer Soiree – outstanding for cleaning fees for the rental as part of the silent auction.  He will cash once the party has complete their stay.
      • Board voted after the meeting on $313 expenditure for inspirational-type posters for Field
        • Posters celebrate diversity/ethnicity/culture 
    • Savings
      • Transferred $200 to savings
    • Budget set-up in QuickBooks
      • Stipends are actually set up as ‘liabilities’ when they are actually assets
    • PTA ‘fill-in’ funding
      • Question was asked if PTA can help fund some events so we don’t need to ask for $$ from families for everything
        • We do have $500 allotted for this purpose in our budget
    • Grade-level stipends
      • Not much spent yet; many classes hold funds to pay for spring field trip busses which runs about $1k
      • Rachel will send reminder e-mails for teachers to use their stipends


  • Preview October/November events
    • Flu Shot clinic held on 10/8     
      • We also advertised at Hale
    • Box tops due @ month end
      • This is the last ‘paper form’ submission
      • Will be online going forward-based upon the store receipt
      • Jessica logged in and could find an online account for Hale, but not Field
        • Angie will look into setting up separate account for Field
    • Vaping Parent forum
      • October 24th 6:30-8:00 at Field
        • Can we provide cookies/lemonade or popcorn?  Use Field’s popcorn machine
        • Talk with VaNita to hold a separate assembly at Field to follow up with students
      • October 28th, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Washburn
      • Will print up fliers to put up at school
  • Community Ed Meetings at Field
    • Rachel met with Patrice Howard who heads the program
      • Patrice suggested we come up with both possible classes and to provide possible instructors
      • We’ve asked for volunteers previously, didn’t have much interest
      • Patrice will reach out to VaNita to coordinate a communication on getting courses at Field
      • Jessica may have a lead on a theater type class
      • Erin will check with the specialty classes that are offered at Hale (i.e. Mad Science), to see if/how they could start classes like this at Field
      • Carrie C., who runs Hale program, said she’d be willing to advertise up to 2 classes at Field, but she’d need assistance with classes and list of prospective instructors.
      • Engage with Field Student Council to send out a Survey Monkey to students to gauge what sort of classes they’d be interested in-conduct during Advisory classes
    • Site Council Meetings
      • 1st meeting 10/9; Rachel will attend
      • Going forward, Erin and Rachel will tag-team







  • Partnering with Hale PTA – Hale PTA meeting 10/10
    • Investigate the Hale PTA Communications policy to ensure that Field events can be advertised w/Hale PTA and vice versa. 
    • Erin obtained the deadline for advertising in the Hale PTA newsletter to better coordinate advertising efforts between the two schools
    • Coordinate having a shared PTA calendar and dine-out nights (earlier this year, there were competing dine-out nights on the same night.)
    • Coordinate spirit wear sales communications
    • Coordinate yearbook sales timing-we are changing vendors from Jostens to LifeTouch/Shutterfly
      • Can PTA purchase a bunch of yearbooks to offer at no-cost to students?  Or Spirit Wear?
        • Rachel will talk with VaNita about this
  • Equity Committee meeting w/Hale-
    • Shilad Sen is now the co-chair with Brooke Darst-Rice
    • Rachel will reach out to Shilad to connect
  • After school Activities for Field Students
    • Carrie was the coordinator for both schools last year; not sure about this year
    • Not much was offered last year; most were cancelled due to lack of interest/enrollment
    • Rachel did a FB poll to see what families would be interested in.  There is interest for the baby-sitting class, cooking class, First Aid
    • Justice Page has a pretty robust and successful after school comm ed program-could we partner w/them?
    • Have field Student Council send out a survey to see what kids would want?
    • Can PTA sponsor the baby-sitting class?  Contact the Red Cross to find out more


  • No Sale Fundraiser Updates
    • She’s engaged with Karen Scott who has volunteered to be new co-chair
    • In previous years, we provided one tax ID to No Sale Fundraiser but will now need to provide tax id’s for each school separately
      • Angie will provide the Field tax ID to Trisha
    • People who donate will still be able to choose which school they want their donations to go do
    • Drawings will be conducted that will provide chance for each school to be eligible for more prize money
    • Schools are listed formally as Nathan  Hale and Eugene Field in the NSF site


Secretary’s Report

  • Next Meeting:    November 4th; 6 p.m. @ Caribou  - Moved from Nov. 11 as that is Barnes and Noble performances for choir/madrigals classes)