Request for Funds/Reimbursement Forms

Request for Funds/Reimbursement Forms


Who Can Request Funds/Reimbursement

All school staff, PTA committee chairs and committee members, PTA Board members, and other PTA volunteers can use these forms to request funding support or reimbursements for expenses incurred while supporting the school and/or PTA-sponsored events and activities. This form is used for all funding requests and reimbursements.  The link to print this form can be found at the bottom of this page or hard copies are available in the Field PTA box in the school office.

Process for Requesting PTA Funds
Please leave your completed form(s) with receipts attached in the Field PTA mail box located in the school’s main office.

Contact the Field  PTA Secretary and Co-Chairs to alert them of your submission. 
Unless approved a head of time, all requests will be reviewed at the next monthly PTA Executive Board meeting.


Please Note

Not all requests for funds are approved. If you are unsure if your request is something that the PTA will reimburse, please contact the Co-Chairs to discuss the items you want funded.