Absences and Family Activities

When your student will be absent, please call 612.668.3640 and give your student's name, grade, and reason for the absence.  You will not need to call if a Family Activity Request form was approved ahead of time.

Vacations and Family Activities

It is in the best interest of students to not miss school so the recommendation is to take vacation during non-school days.  We understand that sometimes this is not possible.  In order for a student to be granted approval for a vacation or family event, the Family Activity Request form needs to be completed and turned in before the absence.  

The Family Activity Request form should be used for vacation requests and other family activities. 

Doctor and Dentist Appointments

When your student has an appointment, ask for documentation of the appointment.  This slip should be turned in when they return to school.  This will ensure that their absence is excused.

Religious Holidays

Please send a note ahead of time notifying us of the absence.  The note should include the student's name, grade, date of the absence, and that it is a religious holiday.