• Establish a regular practice routine for your student (take time to listen to their progress and encourage growth)
  • Support the music activities at Field. Your presence for your child is tremendously important.
  • SmartMusic purchase for home study/practice is very helpful.
  • Please memorize what the name of the ensemble your student is in so you will know when he/she performs.


  • Practice what you have been assigned
  • Be on time
  • Come to rehearsals prepared
  • If you have questions, ASK!
  • Be sure you make up any core class assignments missed while you were at music rehearsals
  • Keep food, drinks and gum out of your mouth while playing and singing


  • Get your instrument and music and be seated quickly
  • Never touch another person's instrument or school percussion
  • Look over your assignment until it is time to begin
  • Share in keeping the band or choir room/area neat and clean
  • Never eat right before playing your instrument or singing; especially gum, candy or pop

Concert Attendance

  • Your attendance is required for every performance - every child is important to the group
  • You will wear your music shirt and khaki/tan pants at performances

Personal Responsibility

  • Learn your assigned music to the best of your ability
  • Keep the instrument/voice in good condition
  • Be on time to rehearsals
  • Be respectful of others


  • Up-to-date information for parents and students
  • To provide current music education practices for your student
  • Be available for student/family questions and/or concerns

Instrument Repair
If you rent a school owned instrument and it gets damaged, please bring it in right away.  The school district has a repair shop and will fix the instrument.

BRASS PLAYERS DO NOT attempt to pull out a stuck mouthpiece - the band director, Mr. Kaiser, will assist you.