Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year!

I’m so excited to start the year with two good feet!  I have actually been doing a little bit of running this summer along with my Jazzercise.  My belief is that by being healthy both physically and emotionally, we are better able to provide your students with a positive and exciting school year.

I have a new motto for the school year.  You’ll see it with every email I send and I am hoping to say it each Monday morning to the school community. It is a great way to check ourselves and continue to create a positive environment for students, staff and families. 

“Be your best self today and help others be their best selves too.”


The mission of Field School is to educate, inspire and prepare all students so that they become lifelong learners and successful, purposeful citizens.


Our goal is to teach with equity to increase student achievement for all students and decrease the achievement gap of our students of color.  We will work to ensure that all of our students feel welcomed, valued, respected, happy, and successful. Staff will positively influence students, families and each other.

Welcome New Staff:

Suzanne Kobilka – 6th grade science

Kristin Clarke – 7th grade English Language Arts

Anne Erickson – Special Education Assistant

Todd Aber – Differentiation Specialist


Important Fall Dates for Families:

Wednesday 8/28

Thursday 8/29

Tuesday 9/24


5th grade/New Students

Scavenger Hunt


5th grade/New Students

Parent meeting


6-8th grade

Open House


(5th grade families are invited if unable to meet on Wednesday)

Curriculum Night


Thursday 10/10


Tuesday 10/15


Wednesday 10/16



Sign up during Open House




We have more information in our school packets that can be picked up during the Open House and 5th grade meeting.

Sonny and I are looking forward to a fabulous 2019-2020 School Year! – VaNita Miller